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Welcome to the Zen Academy in Switzerland! In Zen, true awareness is not teachable in the usual sense. It can only be experienced beyond words and doctrinal teachings. Lineage Zen is a special transmission of the “Living Word”, or “Logos“, outside doctrinal teachings and concepts from mind to mind, which has been reexamined and polished for over 2,500 years and will continue for untold generations. The Insopor Zen Academy in Switzerland refers to the tradition of monasticism, which has been practiced for centuries by monks & nuns, preserves and continues this. Our purpose is to awaken each and everyone's true nature and to share compassion with the community.

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The dog chases the mudball, the tiger bites the thrower!

Eremita Zen Temple

The Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln. We are a small place for contemplating on the true self.

Honora Zen Monastery

Meditation, templestay, monthly retreats and the mountainweek at the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg. A place for contemplating on the true self.

Lambda Zen Temple

The Lambda Zen Temple, an IT Zen Temple. For IT Specialists and Zen practitioners who are interested in a longterm templestay program connected also to IT activities.


Retreat 3 Days

Once a month, there will be a three days zen retreat. Usually it will be on the third weekend of the month.


The zen meditation retreat is a monthly seven day retreat, where we reexamine the true self. You are welcome to stay the whole week or a few days or just visit to have a tea as it suits you.

Mountain Week

The training week commemorating enlightenment. Through these seven days we rarely leave the meditating posture, even to lie down. There will be a winter and a summer Intensive Zen Retreat.



The baptism ceremony is an expression of our gratitude for the child and an inquiry for strength for the way the child has to go and will go. The request for care until adolthood is directed at the family, the godparents and the society.


The initiation into adulthood is an expression of our gratitude for the protection we received until adulthood. The adult acquires the necessary skills and knowledge that enable him to make the decisions necessary for his life and advancement independently and on his own responsibility.


The wedding ceremony strengthens and blesses a special bond between two persons who decide to share their lives. To get married means to create a frame for a shared progress as a couple and as individuals. We celebrate your decision; to find out what it means to examine and share life and death harmoniously and respectfully.


An individual ceremony and a blessing give your event, for example your dedication ceremony for a place, building, a business or facility etc. a clerical, formal and public frame to consciously carry out and process this important event.


The divorce ceremony gives your divorce a clerical, formal and public frame to consciously carry out and process this important event. The ceremony itself enables you to rule off your divorce in a decent way.


The Midlife Ceremony is a seven day meditation retreat, where we reexamine life and death. To accept our own mortality and to take the highest possible responsibility not in favor of fun, but to truly have a meaningful life.


A formal funeral ceremony gives the relatives a public framework to consciously carry out and process the event of death. All of us will pass away eventually as a part in the natural process of birth, old-age and death and that we should reexamine the impermanence of life.


Day of the Temple

You are most welcome to the day of the temple. The Insopor Zen Academy opens the gate once a year for the public.

Zen Pilgrimage

The first Zen Pilgrimage in Europe & Switzerland spans between Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln and Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus. The pilgrimage takes place twice a year. Before the pilgrimage, a 7 day retreat is mandatory.

Digital Almsround

Welcome to the digital almsround (100 days crowdfunding, annually from early December to mid-March). Without the mutual support, there is no place of silence and emptiness possible.


During consultation we reexamine living and dying from heart to heart. The dialogue takes place in a formal setting. Don't hesitate to ask questions you normally don't dare asking.

MedecineStone - Online Talk

Every Monday at 8 p.m. (Switzerland Time) there will be the MedicineStone - Online Talk with Zen Monk Marcel Reding.

Meditation at the Cemetery

The cemetery offers the opportunity to get to know a special kind of meditation in a special place. The meditations take place in spring and autumn.

New Year

Welcome to the New Year Meditation Retreat at the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg and the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus.

Affair of the Sausages

Welcome to the Affair of the Sausages! We are celebrating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in Switzerland.



A monk and a nun are always in the service of an ascetic existence; the striving for complete inner emptiness. The word “monk” means “alone,” because inner emptiness can not be realized by doctrinal teachings.


The program is based on education and training goals assessed by the Insopor Zen Academy. The 4 1/2 year program provides students with the prerequisites to take on high quality care of a zen temple in consideration of ethical and economic aspects.



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Under the name “Insopor Zen Academy” exists a nonprofit association in terms of articles 60 ff. of the swiss civil code with domicile in Einsiedeln (company registration CHE-364.380.310). It is politically and religiously neutral. In the lucky year 2014 we opened our gates to the public. The Zen academy is a place for refuge and meditation. You are welcome to stay at our Zen Temples.


The Insopor Zen Akademie refers to the tradition of monasticism, which has been practiced for centuries by patriarchs and matriarchs, and continues this for countless generations.

In which house is there no clear moon and pure wind?

Goal & Purpose

The association aims at “advancement of awareness of the absolute reality“. It pursues this higher goal primarily through:

  • Achievement of pure and harmonic elightenment such as the holy and wise Ones of this world have passed down through the clear zen lineage.
  • Sharing of true love and empathy with all human beings.
  • Releasing all beings from the suffering of life and death.
  • Imparting of meditative ways of living.
  • Building places of emptiness and contemplation, namely Zen Temples.

The association does neither pursue comercial purposes nor profits. The deputies act in an honorary capacity.

Zen Temples

The association uses its means as follows:

  • It builds and maintains the infrastructure of the association for work, living and education, namely zen temples.
  • It provides the zen temples free of charge to the members in order to fulfill the goal of the association.
  • It can acquire real estate if this should seem beneficial for the fulfillment of the goal of the association.

The Insopor Zen Academy runs and keeps its Zen Temples as important infrastructure for the members and as an extraordinary offering for meditation. The Zen Temples of the Insopor Zen Academy are places of quietness and emptiness for various target groups and are open for all. They are both a symbol of identification for the members and an important offering for people who want to meditate. The business will basically be conducted after economic criteria. Its main feature is the simple character of accommodation and traditional swiss style. The expertise of the tutors (leader of the Zen Temple) is of great importance. The Insopor Zen Academy has to conclude a tenancy agreement or an equivalent agreement with the tutor.

  • Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln, Zen Monk Abbot Reding (Founded 2015)
  • Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg, Zen Monk Abbot Reding (Founded 2016)
  • Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus, Zen Monk Abbot Alain M. Lafon (Founded 2017)

Zen Nun & Zen Monk

Where are we? Who are we? We have no place to lay our heads on, like drifting clouds and flowing waters. Our purpose is to awaken everyones true nature and offer a refuge for meditation and a place to reexamine the wisdom words of the Holy and Wise Ones. When there is an obstacle in our way,  we gather and re-examine inside and outside until we finally see the true nature. Through endless investigation and clarification we strive forward. Householder and the homeless in mutual dependence, reach the true path! Who is the true householder and the homeless?

A monk and a nun are always in the service of an ascetic existence; the striving for complete inner emptiness. The word "monk" means "alone," because inner emptiness can not be realized by doctrinal teachings. For what is acquired by external circumstances must perish in the end. Monks and nuns are denominational because they are not representatives of any political system.


Acquisition of Means

or the fulfillment of the goal, the association has access to the following means:

  • Income from its own events.
  • Income from the associations store.
  • Income from contracts.
  • Donations and contributions (gifts, last wills etc.).

The accounting year correlates with the calendar year.


Ordained Zen Nuns & Zen Monks of the Insopor Zen Academy are the lifelong members. We are politically and denominationally independent and are subject to the Swiss legislation.


In the monastery and on the marketplace (Vita Contemplativa & Vita Activa), your travel- and templemonks, brothers and sisters, from where do you see all the coming and going of things? Fast fast! Give me an answer, for life and death are the important things, be watchful, everything is impermanent and passes swiftly away. Time waits for no one.

As a simple mountain monk, I have scraped together this incomplete knowledge. May wise nuns and monks critically examine, improve, and expand it, so that countless generations can pass the two gates of zen in switzerland. From the deepest heart I bow and thank all my teachers, free from east and west, for their teachings, may they flourish in the hearts of men. If wish you all the best on the way!

Zen Monk Abbot Reding 山道庵禪士


    I have studied the introductory information, especially the daily schedule, the etiquette and the Q&A. I understand and accept them.