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The monthly Zen meditation retreat at Lambda Zen Temple is a three day meditation retreat, where we reexamine the true self. You are welcome to stay the whole retreat, fewer days or just visit to have a tea. Newcomers have to absolve the whole three days. The retreat starts monthly every third Friday at 10am (10:00) and ends Sunday at 3pm (15:00).

Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus is an IT Zen Temple.

The dog chases the ball, the tiger bites the thrower!



  • 10:00 Sitting Meditation
  • 12:30: Lunch, then informal tea
  • 14:00 Module
  • 18:30 Dinner
  • 19:15 Sitting Meditation
  • 23:00 Lights Out


  • 4:00 Sitting Meditation
  • 5:45 Breakfast
  • 6:30 Walking Meditation, full day hike
  • ~18:00 Dinner
  • 1h Break
  • ~19:15 Sitting Meditation
  • 22:00 Lights Out


  • 6:30 Sitting Meditation
  • 8:00 Breakfast
  • Working Meditation
  • Lunch
  • 30min Break
  • Cleanup and Packing
  • 14:00 Sitting Meditation
  • 15:00 End of retreat


Module (not freely selectable): Meditation, Working, Cooking, Hiking, Gardening, etc. The schedule can vary.

Zen Monk Lafon founded the Lambda Zen Temple in Switzerland.

Zen Monk Abbot Alain M. Lafon

Zen Monk Brother Alain has lived for years as Digital Nomad with only a backpack. After many years of formal daily Zen practice and an ordination in 2011, he joined Insopor Zen Academy in 2015. He is currently the abbot of the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus.

He also works as a lecturer at ZHAW School of Engineering and builds software products at his company 200ok GmbH to facilitate digital education.

M. Bieri is leading the Zen meditation at the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus.

M. Bieri

Monika Bieri has lived in Shogen Dojo for a good year and has lead the daily meditation and facilitated regular retreats. In 2015, she joined the Zen Academy and continued to lead daily meditation as well as facilitating regular retreats.

She has a degree in psychology and works as a certified Art therapist. She founded the studios MalTherapie Züri & MalAtelier-Glarus.


Life and death are the great matter. Be watchful of your time. All is impermanent and passes swiftly away. Time waits for no one.


We eat what will be served and are grateful. The Zen temple etiquette gives a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. Inform yourself here about the etiquette.  


Here you will find the most important questions and answers about templestay, the Zen Academy and Zen temples.


250 CHF / Retreat (100 CHF / day)

Payment information is on the donation site. Pay before your stay to reserve your guest spot. In case of late arrival or early departure, there are no deductions.


To always be up to date, subscribe to our Meetup Group. You can also subscribe to the schedule using iCal or Outlook.

Lambda Zen Temple - Mountain Meditation



Lambda Zen Temple
Zen Monk Abbot Alain M. Lafon / M. Bieri
Im Stützli 5
8750 Glarus

Phone: +41 76 405 05 67
(leave a message on the mailbox)

Zen Retreat at the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus Switzerland

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