This Q&A page was created over the years. Many guests were not prepared for staying at the temple and couldn't follow the daily routine. To prevent misunderstandings, we have collected the frequently asked questions and answers.

What do I need to bring for the templestay?

  • Comfortable clothes for sitting meditation
  • Sturdy clothes for working meditation outside (i.e. in the garden)
  • Sturdy hiking boots (no low shoes), hiking backpack (min 35l), hiking pants, protection against the rain, sunscreen, flashlight, drinking bottles for full day hiking, hiking poles
  • During snow time in the mountains: Snowshoes (recommended), gaiters (recommended)
  • Personal hygiene products

Who can come to the temple?


What is the most important rule?

Be quiet, pay attention and be adaptable!

Adapt yourself to the temple life, not the other way round.

When and how long can I come to the temple?

First-time visitors have to complete one of the monthly 3-day retreats. After that, Lambda Zen Temple is always open! Whether for a tea, a private discussion, a day or a longer stay, you are most welcome.

What is the difference between taking a walk and hiking?

7 hours and a 1000 meters in height. We go hiking!

How should I behave at the Zen temple?

Do not create additional circumstances for your environment.

Can I cancel the templestay?

You are welcome to come, and welcome to go. If you do not agree with the way of life in the temple, discontinue your stay immediately and leave.

How many people are in the temple?

Sometimes you are alone, sometimes there are several people. The daily routine continues continuously.

Can I participate with a partner or friend?

Yes. However, during the retreat, personal needs are reduced to the minimum. Therefore, each participant must study the introductory information and sign up individually.

Are there beginner and advanced courses?

The daily routine continues continuously. You are welcome!

Can I talk during the templestay?

Of course, especially during the breaks.

Can I also do a silent retreat?

In the temple, the essentials are spoken and discussed.

Are there guided meditations?

Each practitioner discusses the meditation with the head monk during a private interview.

Is it possible to have a private room?


Are the bedrooms separated for women and men?

No, the sleeping accommodation for guests is a simple mattress room similar to that of a SAC hut.

Do I have to participate at the meals?


Is it necessary to be cross-legged while meditating?

No! There are chairs, cussions and benches.

Can I bring a pet?

No! You would have no time to take care of your pet while staying at the temple.

Why do you get up so early?

Nothing is for free!

How much free time do I have in the temple?

The head monk determines the daily routine.

What is meditation?

While everyone meditates without rest, standing, or sitting, it’s always together. If you don’t believe this; watch it carefully! What is talking now all this time?

Zen Master Myo-Vong

What is Zen?

In the beginning was the Word, and the living Word was with God, and the Logos was God.

If you understand that there is no way to say it, then you should know how to say it, because in the beginning was the Word. Zen eliminates confusion and is not a way to teach.

Zen Master Pohwa Sunim

What is the correct posture for meditation?

The food comes to the mouth and not the other way around!

Why is Zen without doctrine?

I can show you the way to the toilet, but you have to go to the pot yourself!

What are the terms of payment?

Discounts: First-time visitors can only come for the full retreat. In case of late arrival or early departure, there are no deductions.

Terms of cancellation: For a cancellation until two weeks before the retreat, we incur a handling fee of CHF 60. For a cancellation on short notice within 14 days of the retreat, payment of the full amount is due. If you provide a replacement or if somebody from the waiting list will take your spot, you will receive a refund of your payment after a deduction of the CHF 60 handling fee. We suggest to get annulation insurance. If the retreat is cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund, or a voucher if you prefer so.

Does staying in the temple help with mental or physical illness?

Life in the Zen temple is physically and mentally challenging. Staying in the temple cannot substitute for psychotherapeutic or medical treatment. Please consult a doctor and/or therapist for treatment.

Having said so, we are happy to share the temple life with you. If you are considering to come to the temple, have a thorough read of the retreat description including this Q&A page and etiquette. If you feel you are up to the task to follow the daily schedule and want to sign up, please send us a message anytime.

Questions and Answers at the zen temple