Zen Temple Meditation Switzerland


ZEN makes mind its foundation and no-gate its gate. Now, how do you pass through this no-gate? It is said that things coming in through the gate can never be your own treasures. What is gained from external circumstances will perish in the end. However, such a saying is already raising waves when there is no wind. It is cutting unblemished skin. As for those who try to understand through other people`s words, they are striking the moon with a stick; scratching a shoe, whereas it is the foot that itches. What concern have they with the truth? A man of determination will unflinchingly push his way straight forward, regardless of all dangers. Then even the devil cannot hinder him. Even all the holy and wise ones from the east and west would beg for their lives. If one has no determination, then it will be like catching a glimpse of a horse galloping past a window; in the twinkling of an eye it will be gone.

Life and death are the great matter. Be watchful of your time. All is impermanent and passes swiftly away. Time waits for no one. The Great Zen Way is gateless, approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint you stride through the universe.

Zen Academy Switzerland. Welcome to the Zen Monastery in Switzerland.

The dog chases the ball, the tiger bites the thrower!

Retreat 3 Days

Once a month, there will be a three days zen retreat at the Lambda Zen Temple. Usually it will be on the third weekend of the month.

Meditation Week

Every month there is a meditation week, where we reexamine the true self at the Honora Zen Monastery.

Mountain Week

The training week commemorating enlightenment. Through these seven days we rarely leave the meditating posture, even to lie down. The Mountain Week will be in January and August.

MedicineSton - Online Talk

Grüezi and welcome to the weekly MedicineStone - Online Talk with Zen Monk Abbot Reding in English.

Meditation at the Cemetery

Welcome to Zen in the cemetery! For many people cemeteries are places with a meditative or even spiritual atmosphere.