The Honora Zen Monastery is a place for contemplating on the true self through a very simple hermitagelike life-style. Everyone concentrates his consciousness on the given task while working. To work is to cleanse the mind. Work is a opportunity to meditate and become awakened to the real self. A small event in daily life can become an important moment of awareness for one who is in great darkness. Only through your determined and thorough examination of body and mind, worth and harmony can be formed.

The Insopor Zen Academy
Our purpose is to awaken each and everyone's true nature and to share compassion with the community. Welcome to the Zen Monastery in Switzerland. The Great Way is gateless, approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint you stride through the universe.

Eremita Zen Temple


You are welcome to stay months, weeks or a few days at the Zen monastery. The templestay is physically and mentally challenging. The templegates are always open! The templegates are always open!

Retreat 7 Days

Every month (first week from friday to thursday) there is a one-week-meditation retreat, where we reexamine the true self. You are welcome to stay the whole week or a few days as it suits you. The templegates are always open!

Mountain Week
The meditation Week commemorating Enlightenment. Through these seven days we rarely leave the meditating posture, even to lie down. There will be a winter and a summer Intensive Zen Retreat.

NEED TO READ BEFORE YOUR STAY. We eat what will be served (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) The Zen temple etiquette gives a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. They intend to make human coexistence smooth and pleasant.


If you want to stay longer than five months it is possible to become a staff member from the fith month on and have an expense free stay (from the fith month). Please contact us for further questions.


Here you will find the most important questions and answers about templestay, the Zen Academy and Zen temples.

Day Off

Thursday is a day off and there is no daily schedule (except during the monthly retreat).

  • Please read the etiquette and key questions and answers about your stay thoroughly.
  • If you want to practice in the temple for more than a week, contact the respective temple via the contact form and by phone (short stays contact form only).
  • Pay the Oblations before your stay.


Thank you for helping us to offer a place for meditation and emptiness.

2 hours: free
50 CHF/ day
350 CHF/ week
700 CHF/ month
2500 CHF/ 4 months
Longterm Templestay: from the 5th month free of charge*
> Parttime-Templestay: 600.-/month**

advance payment

All oblations are in Swiss Francs (tourist taxes included).
Repeaters and children will have a price reduction. Thank you for your understanding. See our donation site here.

*as staff member
**with own part-time job considered as alms round


Zen Monk M. Reding

In the year 2016 we opened the gates to the public. After ten years of continuous reexamination of the words and actions of the wise and holy Ones in japanese and south-korean zen monasteries, Zen Monk M. Reding founded, in mutual reliance with the clergy and laity, the Insopor Zen Academy in Switzerland in 2014.

He absolved a pilgrimage through Japan (3000 miles) doing traditional almsround as a way of thanks for the ten-year training as a zen monk.

As founder and head monk he is in charge of the Honora Zen monastery in Reichenburg and the Eremita Zen temple in Einsiedeln.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Honora Zen Monastery
Zen Monk M. Reding
Ussbergstrasse 26
8864 Reichenburg

Phone: +41 78 408 10 89

Company Registration: CHE-491.282.797

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