Welcome to the open Meditation Lucerne. For many people cemeteries are places with a meditative or even spiritual atmosphere. Novices and novices of Zen monasteries also seek out nightly cemeteries during their training in the hive to meditate there. The crematorium, inaugurated in 1926, is located above Friedental Cemetery. Upstream is a spacious, terraced urn cemetery including the hall. The cemetery offers the opportunity to get to know a special kind of meditation in a special place.

The meditations take place in spring and autumn.

The Great Way is gateless, approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint you stride through the universe.

The open Meditation Lucerne takes place twice a year in the cemetery Friedental.


13th April 2021 (Tuesday)

12th October 2021 (Tuesday)

Attention: The event takes place in all weather conditions. When it rains, the meditation takes place under the arcades.


18:30 - 20:30 o'clock

  • Greeting
  • Sitting-Meditation 40 min
  • Walking-Meditation 20 min
  • Sitting-Meditation 40 min
  • Q&A

Friedhof Friedental
Friedentalstrasse 30
6004 Luzern

The cemetery Friedental can be easily reached by public transport: Bus 19 to stop Friedental.


It is recommended to bring a small mat or a pillow. In bad weather, please bring a rain cover or umbrella (for walking meditation).


Not necessary!


Collection at the end: Thank you for helping us to offer a place for meditation and emptiness.

078 408 10 89


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Friedhof Friedental
Friedentalstrasse 60
6004 Luzern

Tel: 041 240 09 67

Welcome to the open Meditation Lucerne in the cemetery Friedental.



Zen Monk M. Reding

Zen Monk Reding invites you to the open meditation lucerne in the old crematorium next to the cemetery Friedental.

Tel: +41(0)78 408 10 89

I have studied the introductory information, especially the daily schedule, the etiquette and the Q&A. I understand and accept them.
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The open Meditation Lucerne takes place in the cemetery Friedental twice a year.

Here you can find more information about the ordination as Zen Monk / Zen Nun. For further questions about the open Meditation Lucerne in the cemetery Friedental, contact us at any time via a contact form on the homepage or call. We would be pleased to welcome you in one of our Zen temples. Visit for a cup of coffee, an evening meditation, for a short or long term templestay. The temple gates are always open and the daily routine continues. Examine and share Life & Death with the Zen Nuns and Zen Monks in Switzerland.