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As a digital nomad you can meditate and work at the zen temple. Welcome to the templestay program for digital nomads. The Lambda Zen Temple is a place for contemplating on the true self through a very simple hermitage-like lifestyle. Only through your determined and thorough examination of body and mind, worth and harmony can be formed.

It is the first Zen temple for developers and Zen practitioners who are interested in a longterm templestay program connected to IT activities. The morning and evening meditation is the same as in all the Zen Temples, but the daily modules are especially work on software projects. Our purpose is to awaken each and everyone's true nature and to share compassion with the community. The Great Way is gateless, approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint you stride through the universe.

200 ok!

Welcome at the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus Switzerland. As a digital nomad you can meditate and work at the zen temple.

Daily Schedule
  • 06:30     Meditation
  • 07:30     Breakfast
  • 08:00     Module
  • 11:45     Lunch
  • 13:30     Module
  • 17:30     Dinner
  • 19:00     Meditation
  • 22:00     Lights out

Module (not freely selectable): IT Projects, Meditation, Hiking, Gardening, Work, Cleaning, Cooking, Free time, etc.

IT Projects

The projects will be created by professional Software Developers (tutors of the Insopor Zen Academy) to serve a humanistic ideal. Things you would never do, because you have no time or money.


NEED TO READ BEFORE YOUR STAY. We eat what will be served (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) and be grateful. The Zen temple etiquette gives a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. They intend to make human coexistence smooth and pleasant.

Retreats & Meditation

Daily meditation, monthly one-day and seven-day retreats. Twice a year a 24/7 retreat. Twice a year a pilgrimage.


Here you will find the most important questions and answers about templestay, the Zen Academy and Zen temples.


If you want to stay longer than five months it is possible to become a staff member from the fith month on and have an expense free stay (from the fith month). Please contact us for further questions.

Day Off

Thursday is a day off and there is no daily schedule.


RTFM Please read the etiquette and key questions and answers about your stay thoroughly.

If you want to practice in the temple for more than a week, contact the respective temple via the contact form and by phone (short stays contact form only).

Pay the Oblations before your stay.


Zen Monk Lafon founded the Lambda Zen Temple in Switzerland. He was a digital nomad for years.

Zen Monk A. Lafon

Zen Monk A. Lafon has lived for years as Digital Nomad with only a backpack. After many years of formal daily Zen practice and an ordination in 2011, he joined Insopor Zen Academy in 2015. He is currently the abbot of the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus.

He also works as a lecturer at ZHAW School of Engineering and builds software products at his company 200ok GmbH to facilitate digital education.

M. Bieri is leading the Zen meditation at the Lambda Zen Temple in Glarus. Digital Nomad welcome.

M. Bieri

M. Bieri has lived in Shogen Dojo for a good year and has lead the daily meditation and facilitated regular retreats. In 2015, she joined the Zen Academy and continued to lead daily meditation as well as facilitating regular retreats.

She has a degree in psychology and works as a certified Art therapist. She founded the studios MalTherapie Züri & MalAtelier-Glarus.



Thank you for helping us to offer a place for meditation and emptiness.

2 hours: free    50 CHF/ day    350 CHF/ week    700 CHF/ month    2500 CHF/ 4 months

Longterm Templestay: from the 5th month free of charge*
> Parttime-Templestay: 600.-/month**

advance payment

All oblations for the digital Nomad are in Swiss Francs (tourist taxes included).
Repeaters and children will have a price reduction. The oblations are not refundable! Thank you for your understanding. See our donation site here.

*as staff member
**with own part-time job considered as alms round


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Lambda Zen Temple
Zen Monk A. Lafon / M. Bieri
Im Stützli 5
8750 Glarus

Phone: +41 76 40 50 567

As a digital nomad you can work and meditate in the Lambda Zen Temple in Switzerland.

I have studied the introductory information, especially the daily schedule, the etiquette and the Q&A. I understand and accept them.
Click here to read the introductory information.