Returning to the Mind

Therefore, the sutra says,
Whatever has a form, as a whole, is delusory.
And also said, “If by figure one would see me,
If by voice one would hear me,
This one is practicing the evil truths;
Cannot see the Tathagata.”
By these contemplations we could easily know that whatever has  form cannot be permament. Therefore you should know well that all the sages in the past time cultivated virtue and merit by talking of nothing but this mind.
Mind is the source of all sages. Mind is the master of all sins. The highest true pleasure also comes from the mind. On the other hand, all karmic cycles of the three different cosmos are also raised from this mind.
Mind is the entrance-of-liberation from the ordinary world. Mind is also the landing-pier of Nirvana. One who knows the entrance should not worry about whether he can accomplish it or not.

The Bodhisattva Vows are very important for the Zen monks and Zen nuns in Switzerland and worldwide.

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