Also, the burning of incense does not mean the ordinary form, but the formless-doing or righteous dharma. It represents prevailing over stenches, eliminating the darkened, evil karmas, and, finally, burning them away.
There are five kinds of righteous truth incenses:
  • The first is the one of the precept; to nullify all sins and to practice all the good.
  • The second is the one of the unmoveable serenity; to have faith in the righteous mind without retreating.
  • The third is the one of limitless wisdom; to watch the mind alertly from inside and outside of the body and mind.
  • The fourth is the one of complete liberation; to release all entanglements of unenlightened darkness.
  • The fifth is the one of the self-perceiving eye of complete liberation; to always feel and watch clearly, completely free of obstacles.
These five incenses are the highest, which cannot be compared with any from the ordinary world.
Even in Buddha’s time, he said: “Burn the most valuable incenses with the wisdom-fire and offer to each and every Buddha in the ten directions.”
People today are so ignorant, they do not understand the true meaning of the incenses. They only try to use outside fire and different forms of material compostion of incense for fortune-seeking which is impossible.

The meaning of Incense in Zen Buddhism

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