What is Church?

Student: In the Sutra, building a church and carving holy images, burning incense, scattering flowers, burning everlasting candles, or having a ceremony six times a day; by the virtue and merit of practice, anyone will attain the Buddha-Tao.
Now you are telling me that ‘one truth of mind-watching’ embraces all activities! It must be a joke!
Bodhidharma: Indigent-beings have dull minds, lack wisdom and do not know the deep and sublime truth. That is the reason uncountable methods help all indigent-beings and expose the formless-doing through the form-of-doing. Without cultivating the inside of your mind, just looking for fortune outside of your mind is not the right thing to do.
Building a church (immaculate zone in Sanksrit) means getting rid of the three poisonous minds and always having clean sense roots. By this, body and mind are humble and immaculate on either side.

The meaning of Church in Zen Buddhism

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