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Thank you for helping us to offer a place for meditation and emptiness.

Every single donation is very welcome and will be diligently used for the Honora Zen Monastery. Whether you are a private person, a company or an institution, by donating an amount of your choice, you can support us and make a substantial contribution towards enabling us to provide a place for meditation.

It is very simple to make a templedonation. You decide how, when, and how much you would like to donate. Many thanks for your support!

Householder and the homeless in mutual dependence, reach the true path! Who is the true householder and the homeless?

Method of payment:

If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

E-Banking or Postfinance

Bankname: Postfinance
Accountname: Honora Zen Haus Reding

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Bankaccount: 61-640645-3
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General donation

You can support our work by donating any amount of your choice. Whether big or small, a spontaneous gift or to mark a particular occasion, we are grateful for every templedonation. Many thanks!

Special event donation

You are celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday, anniversary or wedding, and instead of receiving a gift you would like a donation to be made in order to support our work in an effective and meaningful way. Many thanks!

Corporate donation

For many firms, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of their corporate culture. With a corporate donation, your company can underscore its solidarity with us and help us to maintain our autonomy. Many thanks!

Memorial donation

Often, at the request of the deceased or the next-of-kin, a donation is made to a non-profit organisation in lieu of flowers or wreaths. Many thanks!

Legacies and bequests

For us, legacies and bequests have played a major role since we started. They are not only important for our independent funding, but are also a valuable expression of confidence. We are proud and thankful that our work is held in such great regard.

A will - or a testamentary contract - allows you to regulate and clarify the most important issues relating to your estate while you are still alive. It ensures that after your death your last wishes are respected, and also gives your survivors the certainty that they are acting in your spirit. Quite independent of your financial situation, you can stipulate within the framework of the law exactly what should happen to your estate on your death.


Patronage is essential since the beginning of our activity. Without the mutual support of clergy and laity, there is no place of silence and emptiness possible. It is on the one hand important for independent financing, but also a great sign of confidence. It makes us proud and grateful that our work is appreciated.

Householder and the homeless in mutual dependence, reach the true path! Who is the true householder and the homeless?


Patroness / Patron

The clouds disperse and mountain peaks appear.

The patroness / the patron supports, according to personal possibilities and without requiring a direct exchange:

Zen Nun & Zen Monk

as a person with:

  • food
  • clothes
  • others

financially with:

  • sandals-money for personal voluntary temple donations
  • medicine-money for personal health insurance


Zen Temple

as a communal facility with:

  • food and drink
  • physical support
  • others

financially with:

  • kitchen-money for the cook
  • templedonation