Zen Meditation at the Lambda Zen Temple

The inhabitants of the Lambda Zen Temple want to share their practice with you. You are kindly invited for the daily meditation periods.

Daily Morning Zen Meditation

From Monday to Sunday, we practice in the morning. We serve tea and then have one sitting meditation period (Zazen, about 45 minutes).

Our morning meditation time might vary from week to week which will reflect in a regularly updated schedule on this site and our Meetup Group. Being on a flexible schedule, we ask you to RSVP in advance so we can properly prepare. If there is no registration, we might just sit a little earlier or later.

We also kindly invite you to ask if you would like to come at a different time than announced. When possible, we like to adapt our schedule to your needs.

Evening Zen Meditation

Two times a week, Tuesday and Friday, we will practice in the evening.We will serve tea and we will have one sitting meditation period (Zazen, about 45-60 minutes).

Zen Meditation Retreats

  • Once a month, on the third weekend, there is a One Day retreat.
  • Every month, starting the first Friday of month, there is a One Week Retreat. On this occasion, the inhabitants of all Insopor Zen Temples meet at Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg.
  • Every six months, we hold a Mountain Week Retreat. On this training week, we commemorate enlightenment. Through these seven days we rarely leave the meditating posture, even to lie down. The activities of the week consist entirely of meditation. There will be a winter and a summer Intensive Zen Retreat.
  • Twice a year (Easter and Autumn), we do a Pilgrimage between the three Zen Temples Eremita -> Honora -> Lambda. In Zen tradition the relationship between teacher and disciple is being expressed once a year through a formal greeting ritual. The disciple formally visits the teacher and both inquire about the well-being of the other. It is an expression of respect and thankfulness of sharing the path of Zen.


It is always possible to join - please be there 10 minutes ahead. If you have never been at an Insopor Zen Temple, please contact us for an introduction at lambda@zen-tempel.ch or use the contact form.


Zen Monk Alain Lafon and Monika Bieri are welcoming you at the Lambda Zen Temple.

Alain & Monika

“Thou shalt! Thou shalt not!” is none of our business. We are politically and denominationally independent.

What is meditation? True meditation; while everyone meditates without rest, standing, or sitting, it’s always together. If you don’t believe this; watch it carefully! What is talking now all this time?
[Zen Master Myo-Vong]

Lambda Zen Temple - Meditation Hall
Lambda Zen Temple - Meditation Hall

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