Zen Temples Switzerland

Zen Temples are places for contemplating on the true self through a very simple hermitagelike life-style. You and everyone with sincere intention is welcome to come and to leave anytime. Only through your determined and thorough examination of body and mind, worth and harmony can be formed. The templegates are always open!

Free from East and West.

Zen Temples in Switzerland

Zen Temples

Eremita Zen Temple

Eremita Zen Tempel

Honora Zen Monastery


Lambda Zen Temple

Lambda Zen Temple


Consultation at the Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln. We are a small place for contemplating on the true self.


Short- or longterm templestay, monthly retreats and the mountainweek at the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg. A place for contemplating on the true self. You and everyone with sincere intention is welcome at the zen monastery.


The Lambda Zen Temple is the first Zen temple for software developers and zen practitioners alike. Daily meditation, one-day-retreats and templestay for digital nomads as well for all others with sincere intentions.

Eremita Zen Temple
Sagenplatz 7
8840 Einsiedeln
+41 (0)78 408 10 89

Honora Zen Monastery
Ussbergstrasse 26
8864 Reichenburg
+41 (0)78 408 10 89

Lambda Zen Temple
Im Stützli 5
8750 Glarus
+41 (0)76 405 05 67

Zen Temple in Switzerland

Here you can find more information about the ordination as Zen Monk / Zen Nun. For further questions about the Zen Temples in Switzerland contact us at any time via a contact form on the homepage or call us. We would be pleased to welcome you in one of our Zen temples. Visit for a cup of coffee, an evening meditation, for a short or long term templestay, as it suits you. The temple gates are always open and the daily routine continues. Examine and share Life & Death with the Zen Nuns and Zen Monks in Switzerland.