My formal religious training began as an acolyte in the Catholic church when I was 8 years of age. After 10 years on this path, I found Zen and felt a deep connection right away. As my daily Zen meditation practice intensified, I began searching for a teacher. This long search resulted in an ordination and 10 years of formal training under the venerable teachers Zen Monk Shō-Kan and Zen Monk Masan Doam. Soon, my teacher asked me to take over the daily service of the oldest Rinzai Zen Dojo in Switzerland - which I did for 2 years. Then, I focused on wanting to make Zen practice more accessible and sustainable within Switzerland. In the following time of research, I have spent two years as a Digital Nomad travelling Europe and checking out different places, monks and teachers. It concluded in 7 years of stringent monastic practice, conducting monthly 7-day retreats, ceremonies, pilgrimages, study trips to Korea and Japan, as well as co-financing and co-building two Zen Temples lead by my teacher.

To finance this, I have co-founded 200ok GmbH where we focus on developing Free and Open Source software and facilitating digital education. To that end, I have also worked as a lecturer at ZHAW (Zurich university of applied sciences).

Now, this work is complete. As thanks to my teachers and to pay their kindness forward, my wife Monika Bieri and I have opened Lambda Zen Temple to the public for daily practice. From the deepest heart I bow and thank all my teachers, free from east and west.

Impressions from the 10 years of formal training

Here are some photographs taken during the 10 years of formal training - the photos are grouped ito galleries based on time and place. The further you scroll down, the further you go into the past. For what happened after the formal training finished, please see the remainder of this website.

Study trip to Zen Master Pohwa Sunim in Korea

Study trip to Japan

Practicing at the Zen Monastery

Building the Zen Monastery


Founding years of the Zen Academy with Zen Monk Masan Doam

Digital nomad: Personal pilgrimage for 2 years

Trainig with Zen Monk Shō-Kan

Receiving precepts and the Dharma name "Munen"