Ordination: Zen Nun / Zen Monk

A monk and a nun are always in the service of an ascetic existence; the striving for complete inner emptiness. The word “monk” means “alone,” because inner emptiness can not be realized by doctrinal teachings. For what is acquired by external circumstances must perish in the end. Monks and nuns are denominational because they are not representatives of any political system. The practitioner is called an ascetic. An ascetic training includes discipline, both in terms of thinking and willing and in terms of behavior.

At whose house is there no bright moon and pure wind?

Zen Mönch Marcel Reding & Zen Mönch Alain Lafon

The zen nun / zen monk do not have a place to lay their heads on, like drifting clouds and flowing waters. Our purpose is to awaken everyones true nature and offer a refuge for meditation and a place to reexamine the wisdom words of the holy and wise Ones. When there is an obstacle in our way, we gather and reexamine inside and outside until we finally see the true nature. Through endless investigation and clarification we strive forward. Householder and the homeless in mutual dependence, reach the true path! Who is the true householder and the homeless?

Zen in Switzerland

Zen in Switzerland refers to the tradition of monasticism, which has been practiced for centuries by patriarchs and matriarchs, and continues this for countless generations. Ordained Zen Nuns / Zen Monks are the member of the Insopor Zen Academy. Please consider the rights & obligations as a member.


Creed of Zen

The creed of zen is: Zen Monks & Zen Nuns believe in the individual’s ability to enlightenment! They promote and preserve monasticism without doctrine.


Sentient beings are numberless: I vow to liberate them all.

Delusions are inexhaustible: I vow to end them all.

The Dharma gates are countless: I vow to master them all.

The Way of enlightenment is unsurpassable: I vow to attain it.


Tonsure is the practice of cutting or shaving all of the hair on the scalp. It means "leaving home" and symbolizes the cutting of all ties to the world of illusions.


Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God.

"Thou shalt! Thou shalt not!" is none of our business. We are politically and denominationally independent and are subject to the Swiss legislation.

Dharma Father & Student

Something special passes between them.

In Zen, true awareness is not teachable in the usual sense. It can only be experienced beyond words and traditional teachings, because the core of Dharma can not be grasped in an intellectual way. The dharma father needs to be an example and incentive for the student, though in the end, the student has to attain realization through his own effort. The dharma father can not be compared with the zen master, therefore it is a major concern to give the student the right basic conditions, that he or she is able to search for a zen master by himself / herself.

After ten years of continuous reexamination of the words and actions of the wise and holy Ones in japanese and south-korean zen monasteries, ordained Zen Monk Marcel Reding founded, in mutual reliance with the clergy and laity, the Insopor Zen Academy in Switzerland in 2014.



Only through your determined and thorough examination of body and mind, worth and harmony can be formed.

Life and death are the great matter. Be watchful of your time. All is impermanent and passes swiftly away. Time waits for no one.

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