Intenisve Zen Retreat


The training week commemorating enlightenment. Through these seven days we rarely leave the meditating posture, even to lie down. The activities of the week consist entirely of meditation. There will be a winter and a summer Intensive Zen Retreat. You are welcome to the intensive Zen Retreat to stay the whole week or just a few days as it suits you. The templegates are always open!

Seven days count as one!

Twice a year there is the intensive Zen Retreat


We take a deep breath and ponder the imponderable. Sit relaxed and penetrate the deep of the deepness. When it is painful, just slowly and quietly relax your limbs or stand up walk a bit and then sit down again.


NEED TO READ BEFORE YOUR STAY. We eat what will be served (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.) and be grateful. The Zen temple etiquette gives a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. They intend to make human coexistence smooth and pleasant.


Here you will find the most important questions and answers about templestay, the Zen Academy and Zen temples.


RTFM Please read the etiquette and key questions and answers about your stay thoroughly.

Daily Schedule 24/7
  • 04:00  Meditation
  • 05:45  Breakfast
  • 07:00  Module
  • 12:00  Lunch
  • 14:00  Module
  • 18:00  Dinner
  • 19:15  Meditation
  • 22:00  Break
  • 23:15  Meditation
  • 01:00  Break
  • 02:15  Meditation

Module (not freely selectable): Meditation, Working, Cooking, Hiking, Gardening, Others. The schedule can vary.


To always be up to date, subscribe to our Meetup Group. You can also subscribe to the schedule using iCal or Outlook.





If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Honora Zen Temple
Ussbergstrasse 26
8864 Reichenburg

Phone: +41 78 408 10 89

The intensive Zen Retreat will be held at the Honora Zen Monastery in Switzerland.

Zen monk Reding and Zen monk Lafon will share the intensive Zen Retreat twice a year.

I have studied the introductory information, especially the daily schedule, the etiquette and the Q&A. I understand and accept them.
Click here to read the introductory information.

The intensive Zen Retreat is called Rohatsu in Japan.

Here you can find more information about the ordination as Zen Monk / Zen Nun. For further questions about the intenisve Zen Retreat contact us at any time via a contact form on the homepage or call. We would be pleased to welcome you in one of our Zen temples. Visit for a cup of coffee, an evening meditation, for a short or long term templestay. The temple gates are always open and the daily routine continues. Examine and share Life & Death with the Zen Nuns and Zen Monks in Switzerland.