Pilgrims hostel in Einsiedeln

Eremita Zen Temple offers an accommodation for pilgrims from around the world directly on the Way of Saint James. The Zen Temple is a place of silence and emptiness where we contemplate on the true self through zen meditation. You are always welcome to stay for one night, a few days or just for a cup of coffee.

Mountains and rivers are for thousand miles ageless, but guest and host are at every moment new.


A pilgrim is a person who journeys to a sacred place. He or she is a traveler who is on a journey to a holy place. Typically, this is a physical journey (often on foot) to some place of special significance to the adherent of a particular religious belief system. A pilgrimage is a spiritual heightening, where one reexamines the real coming and going.

The Way of Saint James

The routes of the pilgrims of Saint James are a system of paths who lead across Europe to Santiago de Compostela. They are based generally on the historically verifiable routes of medieval pilgrims of Saint James. They allow undisturbed hiking away from busy streets.


The Zen Temple is situated directly on the Way of Saint James in Einsiedeln. Please note that we lead a very simple life at the Zen Temple. The quarters are located in a very old house (wood heating only). The Eremita Zen Temple offers the following accommodations for pilgrims:

  • Guestroom (2 beds)
  • Dormitory with futon (max. 8 people)
  • Toilets (first and second floor)
  • Shared shower (hot water boiler)
  • Washing machine and dryer
  • Sitting room
  • Library
  • Mediation- and dining hall
  • Garden


  • Stay: about 40 CHF / night (including breakfast)
  • Dinner: What you deem appropriate.
  • Use of shower and washing machine etc.: What you deem appropriate!

Temple Etiquette

Harmony, respect, purity and tranquility.

The etiquette gives your templestay a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. They intend to make human coexistence smooth and pleasant. The templegates are always open! The templegates are always open! We eat, what will be served.


Zen monk M. Reding has absolved a pilgrimage through Japan (3000 miles) doing traditional almsround as a way of thanks for the ten-year training as a Zen monk in Japanese Zen monasteries. He welcomes you at the zen temple. He is the abbot of the Honora Zen Monastery in Reichenburg and the Eremita Zen Temple in Einsiedeln.


Contact & Reservation

Please inform the Zen Temple by phone, email etc. of the date of your arrival and duration of your stay. If you have any questions or need special requirements, please do not hesitate to ask.

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Eremita Zen Temple
Zen Monk Reding
Etzelstrasse 38
8840 Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Tel: +41 (0)78 408 10 89