Zen Spirit & Encouragement

Zen Masters address to the disciples about zen spirit and encouragement at the beginning of the intensive meditation week.

For the student of Zen practice, it is very important to cultivate the strenous methods of the the holy and wise Ones. Nevertheless, many ignorant fellows in our time ignore such an important thing, forget the the holy and wise Ones`toil, waste worthwhile time, and are proud only of staying in the temple. What a sorrowful thing! You who train yourself in my temple, study hard! Concentrate carefully until the resulting mass of doubt is broken, so that you may jump from the cave of life and death and experience the spirit which the the holy and wise Ones experienced before you. If you can accomplish this, you will enjoy your own selfemancipation and will thank the holy and wise Ones for this gift of excellent teaching. How can we spend our life without this experience of rapture? Study hard! Study hard!

Zen Spirit in the Zen Monastery

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