Templestay - Free vom East and West

What do I need to bring for the templestay?
  • Hikingshoes
  • Clothes for gardening
  • Comfortable clothes for meditation
  • Rain protection
  • Drinking bottle for hiking
  • Personal hygiene products
  • No sleeping bag needed


How should I behave at the zen temple?

Do not create additional circumstances for your environment.

What is the most important rule?

Be quiet, pay attention and be adaptable! 

When and how long can I come to the temple?

After the mandatory 7 day retreat, anytime. The temples are always open! Whether for a cup of coffee, sitting meditation, a day, several days, weeks or months, you are most welcome.

Do I get a special treatment?

No! Adapt yourself to the temple life, not the other way round.

What is the difference between taking a walk and hiking?

7 hours and a 1000 meters in height.

How many people are in the temple?

Sometimes you are alone, sometimes there are several people. The daily routine continues continuously.

What does everyday life look like?

Sitting meditation, breakfast, break, work (household, cooking, hiking, meditation, etc.), lunch, break, work (household, cooking, hiking, leisure, etc.), dinner, break, sitting meditation, rest.

Can I do what I want in the temple?

No! The temple is not a shared flat, hotel or therapy place!

Is it necessary to be cross-legged while meditating?

No! There are chairs, cussions and benches.

Who can come to the temple?


Are there beginner and advanced courses?
The templegates are always open! Welcome!
Do you eat with chopsticks in the Zen temple?

Welcome to Swiss Zen Temples. We are not an asian restaurant.

Are the zen temples traditional japanese or korean style?

Welcome to Switzerland! Of course not, we have no time for romantic jousting!

What is a Zen garden?

A garden in the Zen temple!

Am I feeling better when meditating?


Why do you get up so early?

Nothing is free in life!

Do you eat vegan or vegetarian?

It will be eaten what is served (vegetables, meat, fish, etc.)! No leftovers!

What is a Zen monastery?

A Zen temple in which the novices and novices are trained.

What is a Zen temple?

A place of silence and emptiness.

Can I also do a silence retreat?


Are there guided meditations?

Not in plenary! Each practitioner discusses the meditation with the main monk / nun during an private interview.

Drugs, Sex & Music?

During leisure time you can pursue your personal needs outside the temple.

May I take my child to the temple?

Of course! But we are not a babysitter!

Is it possible have a single room?


Do I have to participate at the meals?


Can I continue my work during the temple visit?

Yes, that is possible.

How much free time do I have in the temple?

The main monk or the main nun determines the daily routine.

What do I have to do during the temple stay?

What the boss says.

Are the bedrooms separated for women and men?


Is there a ritual to donate?

The donor thanks!

Do we do yoga in the temple?

Calisthenic exercises can be done at leisuretime.

Do we talk a lot during the stay?
You are welcome to talk during the breaktime. During work or the modules only the bare essentials are spoken.
Are there seminars for managers?

The templegates are always open! Welcome!

Are there chantings in Korean and Japanese?

Oh, my dear Luther! The Cabaret Voltaire is closed!

Why all the rules?

Self-control & self-discipline are the prerequisites for freedom.


The temple etiquette gives a framework to consciously carry out and process your own words and actions. Here are the most important questions and answers regarding the etiquette in a Zen temple.

If I don't want to eat something or I don't like it, do I still have to eat it?


Is there also Vipassana Meditation?

Ask my wife, the mother of 6 children, because she is a master in Vipassana meditation. Mindfulness meditation in which one perceives and observes all subtle and gross physical sensations, because this is existential as a woman in order to ensure the survival of the fetuses and newborns. The psyche and the body of the woman are perfectly coordinated for this.


Is a wedding ceremony with a Zen monk / nun legally binding?

Only the civil marriage is legally binding in Switzerland.

Can I prepare my own funeral ceremony with you?

We are happy to help you to prepare your own funeral. The preparation also provides a framework so that this important event can be conscientiously completed and processed.

Why is there a divorce ceremony?

The divorce ceremony is a clean cut. The divorce ceremony gives your divorce a clerical, formal and public frame to consciously carry out and process this important event.

Are the children Buddhists after baptism?


Is a temple visit essential for the ceremony?


As a member of a church is it possible to celebrate a ceremony with a Zen monk or Zen nun?

The ceremonies with Zen monks / nuns are open to all.

Is it possible to determine the course of a ceremony?

Since there are no compulsory and complex rituals for the ceremony, we will determine its sequences in accordance with your wishes.

Do I have to have 2 godparents for a child?

No. The child can have as many godparents as the parents think is right.

Other Stuff

What is Zen?

In the beginning was the Word, and the living Word was with God, and the Logos was God. If you understand that there is no way to say it, then you should know how to say it, because in the beginning was the Word. Zen eliminates confusion and is not a way to teach.

Zen Master Pohwa Sunim


What is meditation?

While everyone meditates without rest, standing or sitting, it is always together. If you do not believe this: look carefully! What is talking now all the time?

Zen Master Myo-Vong


What happens at the moment of death?

How could I know that already?

What awaits the deceased where?

I am not a dead Zen Monk, ask a deceased person.

What does a Zen monk think about organ donation?

If he wants to donate, then he should donate, if not, then not.

Is Zen an Eastern philosophy?

No! Zen is religion, a way to be. Religion comes from the Latin "religio" and means "conscientious consideration" or "care".

Can a person improve or deteriorate?

Hope and faith in wisdom die last!

Buddha said "life is suffering". May we enjoy life?

Seek Buddha and ask Him. Meanwhile, I finish my after-work beer.

How often is a Zen monk reborn? What can he do to end this cycle?

Until the questions are answered.

Where do Buddhism and Hinduism overlap?

In Sri Lanka!

Do you believe in ghosts?

A fart in the leather bag! If you see a ghost, say "Hello!"

Is the origin of Zen Japanese?

Please do not insult my Korean Zen master!

Which rituals do Zen monks use to bid farewell to their deceased?

Since there are no compulsory and complex rituals for the ceremony, we will determine its sequences in accordance with your wishes.

Does Zen connect "West & East"?

Free from East and West! "East & West" was created by the schism in 1054 in Europe. Thus, "East" refers to the Byzantine Empire and "West" to the Roman Catholic Empire.

Is a Buddhist born somewhere and then has to fulfill this duty?

Sometimes he is born in Switzerland and is committed to freeing the countless living beings of life and death, to end the inexhaustible desires, to master the boundless doctrines and to complete the endless path of enlightenment.

How long does it take for the soul to be born again in a new body?

3 seconds!

How do Zen monks and Zen nuns think about dying?

Ouch! Ouch!

Why do many Zen people use Japanese expressions, clothes and rules of conduct?

No idea, you have to ask the Japanese missionaries of a feudal system.

Is there a hierarchy?


Why is Zen without doctrine?

I can show you the way to the toilet, but you have to go to the pot yourself!

What is the origin of Zen?

Who established Zen and when? You did it 3 seconds ago.

Zen Monk & Zen Nun

What are the three jewels in buddhism?

Awakening, Law & Community.
Sleeping Beauty slept because the community disregarded the law.

What is a monk / nun?

The word monk means "alone." To be ordained means to be forever in the service of an ascetic existence; the pursuit of inner emptiness.


Do the Zen nuns and Zen monks have to shave off the hair?

Yes, but only during the ordination and during the training.

Do women and men live together in the temple?

Adam and Eve play in the Garden of Eden.

Why is training so strict?

Give your best!

Is there celibacy among Zen monks and Zen nuns?

During the training you have no time for partner and family. Afterwards the monk or the nun can decide for themselves whether he / she wants to have a family or not. We have no "you shall" or "you shall not". Zen monks and Zen nuns are subject to Swiss legislation.

Do I have to do the study after the ordination?


Can I be a Zen monk / nun and still lead an ordinary life?

Nothing will be ordinary after the ordination. Feel free!

Can one be excommunicated?

No. You can only give back the robes by yourself. But the main monk and chief nun can order a temple ban for individuals.

Is there an age limit?

No, but minors need the consent of the legal representative.

What does it mean to be possessionless as a monk / nun?

A monk asked Zen Master Joshu, "What if I do not hunt for different things?" Master said, "Obviously it's the same." The monk said, "Is not that the fact of my own nature?" Master said, "Follow, hunt."

How do you become a Zen master as fast as possible?

Print a business card!

What does "meditation is life and death" mean?

The monk / nun practices 24/7: "We share what we do anyway, we always go full throttle, whether on the seat cushion, on the mountain, when rebuilding or making money (almsround), the 'everyday work' and 'the rent earning' are essential parts of monk life, the Zen temples are open daily."

Do you say "thank you" when receiving alms?

A monk or nun never expresses his personal thanks for a donation, because it would mean that the gift is not given to the teachings, but to the person - an attitude that should be avoided.

Zen Academy

Why is the Insopor Zen Academy an association and not a foundation?

An association is an association of several people who pursue a common goal. A foundation is an institution that uses an asset to pursue a purpose established by the founder. The origin of the foundation is always money.


Why do the Zen temples have the sole proprietorship as a legal form?

The main monk or the main nun represents their business to the outside and bears the entrepreneurial risk alone. Running a Zen temple is a 24/7 job.

How is a temple financed?

The temple is financed by oblations (donations). No refund! No refund!Without mutual support, there can be no place of emptiness and silence. The monks and nuns also work outside the temple everyday. This is understood as almsgiving.

What does it mean that the ordained Zen monks / nuns are members of the Academy?

With the ordination of the Zen monk / nun, you become a life-long member of the Insopor Zen Academy. As a Zen monk / nun, you can live & practice in the Zen temples of the Academy, provided you support the temple with body and mind.

Is the academy part of a group?

You are welcome, the Zen temples are always open to all!

What is the Zen Temple Fund?

For the multi-year compensation between the Zen temples there is a Zen temple fund. If this proves to be beneficial for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Zen academy, the fund is a tool to acquire properties (Zen temples) or support construction projects of Zen temples.

What is the main goal of the Zen Academy?

Zen in Switzerand refers to the tradition of monasticism, as it has been practiced for centuries by patriarchs and matriarchs, preserves and continues this for countless generations.

Does the academy also have charitable tasks?

We pay taxes gladly.

Who can lead a Zen temple?

Graduates of the study course are able to offer a high-quality religious service that incorporates ethical and economic aspects. The degree entitles to lead and establish a Zen temple of the Insopor Zen Academy.

What is an almsround?

The academy offers everyone the opportunity to meditate and practice through digital almsgiving. That the Zen temples are always open it takes a lot of effort; therefore everyone gives according to his personal possibilities. The monks and nuns give their lives and the layman also gives what he can.

Which line (descent) is the Zen Academy obliged to?

The Zen Academy is an independent institution and therefore committed to the coming generations of Zen Monks & Zen Nuns.

Separation of church and state?

Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar's; and to God the things that are God's.

We are subject to the Swiss legislation.

Free from East and West, welcome to Zen Buddhism in Switzerland.

Here you can find more information about the ordination as Zen Monk / Zen Nun. For further questions about east and west contact us at any time via a contact form on the homepage or call. We would be pleased to welcome you in one of our Zen temples. Visit for a cup of coffee, an evening meditation, for a short or long term templestay. The temple gates are always open and the daily routine continues. Examine and share Life & Death with the Zen Nuns and Zen Monks in Switzerland.