This Q&A page was created over the years. Many guests were not prepared for templestay and couldn't follow the daily routine. To prevent misunderstandings, we have collected the frequently asked questions and answers.

What is meditation?

Deadly serious!

What do I need to bring for the templestay?

  • Comfortable clothes for sitting meditation
  • Sturdy clothes for working meditation outside (i.e. in the garden)
  • Sturdy hiking boots, protection against the rain, sun screen, flashlight (mobile phone) and
    drinking bottle for full day hiking
  • Personal hygiene products


Who can come to the temple?


What is the most important rule?

Be quiet, pay attention and be adaptable! 

Adapt yourself to the temple life, not the other way round.

When and how long can I come to the temple?

Newcomers have to complete a mandatory in the temple they want to visit. After that, the temple is always open! Whether for a cup of coffee, sitting meditation, a day, several days, weeks or months, you are most welcome.

What is the difference between taking a walk and hiking?

7 hours and a 1000 meters in height. We go hiking!

How should I behave at the zen temple?

Do not create additional circumstances for your environment.

Can I cancel the templestay?

You are welcome, and welcome to go. If you do not agree with the way of life in the temple, discontinue your stay immediately and leave.

How many people are in the temple?

Sometimes you are alone, sometimes there are several people. The daily routine continues continuously.

Are there beginner and advanced courses?

The templegates are always open! Welcome!

What is a Zen monastery?

A Zen temple in which the novices and novices are trained.

Can I also do a silence retreat?


Are there guided meditations?

Yes, the logos is guiding you! Each practitioner discusses the meditation with the main monk / nun during an private interview.

Drugs, Sex & Music?

During leisure time you can pursue your personal needs outside the temple.

Is it possible to have a private room?


Do I have to participate at the meals?


What do I have to do during the temple stay?

What the boss says.

Are the bedrooms separated for women and men?

Depending on the possibility!

Can I talk during the templestay?

Of course, especially during the breaks. Only the bare essentials are spoken during the work or the modules.

What are the terms of payment?

Discounts: First-time visitors can only come for the full retreat. In case of late arrival or early departure, there are no deductions.

Terms of cancellation: For a cancellation until two weeks before the retreat, we incur a handling fee of CHF 60. Within the two weeks before the retreat, the full amount is forfeited. Alternatively, the paid oblations can be transformed into a voucher for a future retreat. If you haven't paid the oblations, yet, the full amount is still due. If the retreat has to be cancelled by us, you will receive a full refund.

Questions and Answers  at the zen temple

Other Stuff

What is the biggest mistake in life & death?

Factual Error

What is right and wrong during the templestay?

Don't worry, see Q&A. (Error of prohibition)

What is the highest responsibility during the templestay?

Take it or leave!

Can I smoke?

Yes, during breaks!

Can I bring my candles and incense to the monastery?

No, leave your junk at home.

Are the zen temples traditional japanese or korean style?

Welcome to Switzerland! Of course not, we have no time for romantic jousting!

Can I do what I want in the temple?

No! The temple is not a shared flat, hotel or therapy place! Here is not Sodom & Gomorrah, where everyone owns everyone and can do to everyone everything!

Is it necessary to be cross-legged while meditating?

No! There are chairs, cussions and benches.

Do you eat with chopsticks in the Zen temple?

Welcome to Swiss Zen Temples. We are not an asian restaurant.

What is a Zen garden?

A garden in the Zen temple!

Am I feeling better when meditating?


Why do you get up so early?

Nothing is for free!

What is a Zen temple?

A place where we train to use the sword that kills and gives life at the same moment.

How much free time do I have in the temple?

The head monk/ nun determines the daily routine.

Is there a ritual to donate?

The donor thanks!

Do we do yoga in the temple?

Calisthenic exercises can be done at leisuretime.

Are there seminars for managers?

The templegates are always open! Welcome!

Are there chantings in Korean and Japanese?

Oh, my dear Luther! The Cabaret Voltaire is closed! Knowledge transfer is now done via the Internet. Chanting is the oral transfer of knowledge (a sung story) and has been practiced by us humans for 50,000 years. That's why we like to go to concerts and start singing when we're drunk.

What is Zen?

The contemplation of an non-representational object in which one immerses oneself in order to gain knowledge about it.

What is meditation?

Reexamine life and death with all what you have.

Is there also Vipassana Meditation?

Ask my wife, the mother of 6 children, because she is a master in Vipassana meditation. Mindfulness meditation in which one perceives and observes all subtle and gross physical sensations, because this is existential as a woman in order to ensure the survival of the fetuses and newborns. The psyche and the body of the woman are perfectly coordinated for this.

Which is the correct form during meditation?

The food comes to the mouth and not the other way around! Table manners are more important than tying a knot in your legs.

What is the meaning of Life?

Ask Socrates.

What is the most important question?

What makes my life meaningful?

What makes my life meaningful?

Always stay part of the bigger picture! With one foot in order and with the other in chaos. This is how you take on the greatest possible responsibility!

Can I smoke during the templestay?


What is valuable?

After reexamining it a thousand times, you still discover something new. This is how you save the universe while folding your laundry or changing diapers.

What is Zen?

In the beginning was the Word, and the living Word was with God, and the Logos was God. If you understand that there is no way to say it, then you should know how to say it, because in the beginning was the Word. Zen eliminates confusion and is not a way to teach.

Zen Master Pohwa Sunim 

What is meditation?

While everyone meditates without rest, standing or sitting, it is always together. If you do not believe this: look carefully! What is talking now all the time?

Zen Master Myo-Vong


What happens at the moment of death?

Wait for it!

What awaits the deceased where?

I am not a dead Zen Monk, ask a deceased person.

What does a Zen monk think about organ donation?

If he wants to donate, then he should donate, if not, then not.

Is Zen an Eastern philosophy?

No! Zen is religion, a way to be. Religion comes from the Latin "religio" and means "conscientious consideration" or "care".

Can a person improve or deteriorate?

Hope and faith in wisdom die last!

Buddha said "life is suffering". May we enjoy life?

Seek Buddha and ask Him. Meanwhile, I finish my after-work beer.

How often is a Zen monk reborn? What can he do to end this cycle?

Until the questions are answered.

Where do Buddhism and Hinduism overlap?

In Sri Lanka!

Do you believe in ghosts?

A fart in the leather bag! If you see a ghost, say "Hello!"

Is the origin of Zen Japanese?

Please do not insult my Korean Zen master!

Which rituals do Zen monks use to bid farewell to their deceased?

Since there are no compulsory and complex rituals for the ceremony, we will determine its sequences in accordance with your wishes.

Does Zen connect "West & East"?

Free from East and West! "East & West" was created by the schism in 1054 in Europe. Thus, "East" refers to the Byzantine Empire and "West" to the Roman Catholic Empire.

How long does it take for the soul to be born again in a new body?

3 seconds!

How do Zen monks and Zen nuns think about dying?

Ouch! Ouch!

Why do many Zen people use Japanese expressions, clothes and rules of conduct?

No idea, you have to ask the Japanese missionaries.

Is there a hierarchy?

Yes! Because we strive for equality of opportunity and not equality of outcome! There is a clear distinction between guests and hosts.

Why is Zen without doctrine?

I can show you the way to the toilet, but you have to go to the pot yourself! Shall I change your diaper?

Who established Zen and when?

You did it 3 seconds ago.

Are the Zen monks holy and enlightened?

A fart in a leather bag!

Will I be cured?

A stay in the temple cannot be a substitute for psychotherapeutic and / or medical treatment.

What is Self Realization?

Sacrificing the moment (killing the ego) to realize the self (future self).

What is Self-Glorification?

If I just do what you want, satisfy all momentary impulses and can never become part of something bigger. A life & death without responsibility. Sodom & Gomorrah.

Is the purpose of meditation to think nothing?

Do not shoot the messenger!

What is culture?

Same values.

Can I become a member of the Zen Temple?

The most important groups in life are: Family & Friends!

Can you recommend books to help me prepare for the temple?

Sleeping Beauty, Hansel & Gretel, Peter Pan & Pinocchio!

What is the correct posture for meditation?

The food comes to the mouth and not the other way around! Table manners are more important than tying a knot in your legs.

What do we want?

The dog chases the ball, the tiger bites the thrower!

Don't chase happiness, but a meaningful life and death.

What is justice?

What is justice?