Building Statues

Foolish people today think that erecting the visual form of a statues is of great virtue and merit. They spend a lot of money on materials. By doing it they fallaciously kill creatures on the earth and in the water.
And they uselessly use manpower to build; wasting the wood boards and blocks and coloring them. It exhausts themselves and confuse others shamelessly.
Now what enlightenment will result?
While one talks about the dharma of form-of-doing, they eagerly follow it, but, when they are told of the dharma of formless-doing, they become like a non-responsive blockhead. While looking for small entertainment, they do not forsee the great suffering in the future.
This kind of study will not only tire them but also cause them to turn their back upon the right way and to turn toward the evil path.
Deceivingly they say, “gain the fortune.”

Building Statues of Buddha in Zen Buddhism

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