Life and death are the great matter. Be watchful of your time. All is impermanent and passes swiftly away. Time waits for no one.

Welcome to the templestay program. The Honora Zen Monastery is a place for contemplating on the true self through a very simple hermitagelike life-style. Everyone concentrates his consciousness on the given task while working. To work is to cleanse the mind. Work is a opportunity to meditate and become awakened to the real self. A small event in daily life can become an important moment of awareness for one who is in great darkness. Only through your determined and thorough examination of body and mind, worth and harmony can be formed.

You and everyone with sincere intention is welcome to come and to leave anytime. You are welcome to stay months, weeks, a few days, some hours or just visit to have a coffee as it suits you. The templegates are always open! Check out the schedule for your arrival time.

Eremita Zen Temple

Daily Schedule
  • 05:00     Meditation
  • 05:45     Breakfast
  • 07:00     Modul
  • 11:30     Lunch
  • 13:30     Modul
  • 17:30     Dinner
  • 19:00     Meditation
  • 23:00     Lights out

Modul (not freely selectable): Zen Meditation, Hiking, Work, Cleaning, Cooking, Gardening, Self study, etc.


If you want to stay longer than three months it is possible to become a staff member from the third month on and have an expense free stay (from the 4th month). Please contact us for further questions.

The Great Way is gateless, approached in a thousand ways. Once past this checkpoint you stride through the universe.


Our purpose is to awaken each and everyone's true nature and to share compassion with the community. Please help us to offer a refuge for meditation and teaching.

2 hours: free
1 day: 70.-
1 week: 350.-
1 month: 1200.-
3 months: 2500.-
Longterm Templestay: from the 4th month free of charge*
> 3 months: 600.- /month**

All prizes are in Swiss Francs (tourist taxes included). The oblations are not refundable.
Repeaters and children will have a prize reduction.
Thank you for your understanding. See our donation site here.

*as staff member
**with own part-time job considered as alms round


Zen Monk Marcel Reding

In the year 2016 zen monk Marcel Reding opened the gates to the public. After ten years of continuous reexamination of the words and actions of the wise and holy Ones in japanese and south-korean zen monasteries, ordained Zen Monk Marcel Reding founded, in mutual reliance with the clergy and laity, the Insopor Zen Academy in Switzerland in 2014. If you are interested in becoming a Zen Nun / Zen Monk or Tutor of the Zen Academy please have a look.


Zen Monk Alain M. Lafon

Zen Monk Alain Lafon

Zen Monk Alain M. Lafon has lived for three years as Digital Nomad with only a backpack. After many years of formal daily Zen practice and an ordination in 2011, he moved into the Shogen Dojo in Zurich and lead the daily meditation as well as retreats. In 2015, he joined the Insopor Zen Academy. Now, he is head monk of the Lambda Zen Temple.


If you have any questions, please contact us via email or telephone and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.


Honora Zen Monastery
Zen Monk Marcel Reding
Ussbergstrasse 38
8864 Reichenburg

Phone: +41 78 408 10 89
E-Mail: honora@zen-tempel.ch

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